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Creative Workflow

1 hr · 7 classes · By Indira Paganotto

About this course

Indira Paganotto hosts an immersive DJing course, sharing her remarkable journey and expertise in the industry.

From her early influences in Goa to attaining recognition and success with her unique sound, she imparts invaluable insights and practical advice to aspiring DJs.

Explore essential aspects of DJ session preparation, including organizing music folders and curating tracks based on the venue or event.

Indira's distinct mixing style involves blending tracks with varying BPMs, using mesmerizing effects like filters and reverb, and crafting impactful transitions.

Discover the origins and mission of her "ARTCORE" project, celebrating originality and genre diversity beyond traditional labels.

In the course's finale, she emphasizes the importance of authenticity, leveraging social media, and building a supportive professional team.

This masterclass not only equips you with practical skills but also inspires you to embrace your passion and individuality in your DJing journey.

In this course you will learn:

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The journey of a successful DJ - From overcoming rejections to finding your own unique sound

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DJ session preparation - Organizing music folders and track selection based on the venue or event

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Unique mixing styles - Blending tracks with different BPMs, using effects like filters and reverb, and creating impactful transitions

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The story behind "ARTCORE" - A music project focused on showcasing originality and diverse genres without labels.


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7 classes

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