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Emotional Anthems

2.5 hrs · 13 classes · By Caiva

About this course

Caiva's course on techno music production offers valuable insights into her personal vision of music and the art of complete immersion.

Learn how she creatively blends influences in techno and trance to create a distinct techno optical. Gain knowledge on crafting live sets that combine vocals, instruments, and techno music, and discover the importance of support and connections in the industry.

Explore collaborative projects like "Epistola," where artists remix tracks in a chain.

Delve into incorporating diverse instruments, such as saxophone, guitar, piano, and flute, into your tracks.

Master the recording, editing, and enhancing of guitar and saxophone parts using plugins and effects.

Lastly, refine vocal production skills, including recording, editing, harmonies, and atmospheric effects for compelling music tracks.

In this course you will learn:

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How to create a compelling live set combining vocals, instruments, and techno music

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Techniques for collaborative projects and remixing tracks in a chain

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Recording and editing guitar tracks with dynamic and atmospheric tones

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Mastering vocal production, including recording, editing, effects, and creating vocal melodies


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13 classes

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